Why do horse whicker story?

Do you know why do horse whicker story?

One day Akbar and Birbal went for the hunting in the deep forest. In the search of some animals for hunt and enjoy themselves.

Same day they both roamed in the forest for more hours but they were not succeeding in their hunting work. Because of roaming in the forest they were tired physically and came near to the little water stream. They thought of getting fresh by cleaning face with the same water and drinking the same. And it will be good for the horses to take rest for some time so that they can also get fresh and energized. They were completely exhausted and took rest under a huge tree which was spreading shadow. They took a good nap and soon it was a getting dark evening time. They gave up hope for hunting because of tiredness and finally decided to return home with an empty hand.

Akbar said to Birbal “I am starved. Do you bring anything for me to eat?”
Birbal got out a bag of sprouts from the saddle of his horse. Akbar in hunger ate all and they started preparing themselves to return.

When Birbal was about to climb on his horse, it began to whicker glamorously. Akbar and Birbal were surprised and was not able to understand that why did the horse whicker without any causes? Akbar asked Birbal can you explain me the reasons of horse’s whicker.

Birbal answered with a very witty style, “Your Majesty I think my horse cam to know that you have eaten his food.” And now this horse is very curious to know that to whom I am going to ride. Will I ride the Emperor or the horse?

Pathetic Akbar! He was speechless. And Akbar allowed Birbal to make fun of him happily then they both came back to their palace.

Why do horse whicker story?, Akbar and Birbal


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