The Wedding of the Mouse Marriage Swayamvar

The Wedding of the Mouse Marriage Swayamvar is the events to select groom by bride.

Once upon a time there was a very holy ashram of Sadhu on the bank of Yamuna. The Sadhu used to stay at the ashram with his students and family. Once when sadhu was busy in praying and worshiping suddenly small female mouse fell over him. The mouse was very pretty then sadhu had pity on female mouse so, he transformed from mouse to gorgeous girl-child with his power. Then sadhu took the small girl gave to his wife and said you were desired for a child it is now fulfilled. 

His wife was so happy because she got a girl-child like princess. The girl grew up into a young beautiful woman. Now sadhu and his wife started thinking about the wedding of the marriage Swayamvar and wished a good husband for her. This sadhu thought that Sun will be perfect groom for his daughter. Then he invited Sun and told about his daughter and she told I am not going to get married with Sun. I think I can get better husband than him because he is so hot.  

Then Sadhu asked Sun is there anyone who can be better than you? The Sun suggested clouds name because it gets hidden behind it. Then Sadhu invited Cloud and gave marriage proposal of daughter. Again girl said, I think I can get better husband than him because it is so shapeless. Then the cloud suggested wind name because whenever wind comes cloud has to run and then again sadhu invited Wind and gave marriage proposal of his girl. The girl disrupted and explained that this wind cannot stay for an instant. Then Sadhu again asked the wind who is stronger than you? 

The wind suggested name of Mountain and sadhu invited mountain. As soon as mountain came the girl said to sadhu this mountain is very and shapeless. I think I can get better good looking husband than him. Then sadhu asked same question to mountain and it suggested name of mouse because it says though I am very big and strong but when mouse being small it digs a hole through me.

Finally the sadhu called mouse and when the girl saw this she was very happy and interested to get married with the mouse. 

Moral- Her connatural type of nature had importuned itself because it was the wedding of the mouse marriage swayamvar.  
The Wedding of the Mouse Marriage Swayamvar, marriage with sun, wind, cloud, and mountain,
The Wedding of the Mouse Marriage Swayamvar

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