The Three Frogs Story

The Three Frogs Story is a very inspirational story for all of us those who takes all the things in life negatively.

Dear friends do you feel negative in your life then this story of the three frogs is for you. Long time ago there lived the three frogs and they were best friend. They were jumping around as usual in the search of some food and suddenly one day all three felt into the nearest well. All the three frogs were in trouble that day and they were trying to get out of it but they were not successful in that because that well was very deep.  As they were in trouble so they started jumping and making lot of noise.  At that time two other frogs came near to the well as they heard the resound and came to see what the noise is. 

They tended all over the adjoined of the well and discovered the three frogs were inside the well and jumping, making noise and trying to get out.  They both frogs were very sad when they saw this and the well was too deep they suggested them it will be not useful to keep jumping and making noise and wasting energy like this. As it is you are not going to get the success they made comment like this then they went from there.

From these three frogs two of them tried for some time and got tired with the final conclusion that they felt very demoralized and thought that the two frogs suggested them that told them not to jump and waste energy because they will not get success. And then they left trying again with the negative thought.

But the third frog kept jumping for an hour then it started feeling very strong like throbbing with muscularity. And the third frog as it was trying felt strong. For it was a new great experience of getting higher and higher on each jump. As this third frog jumping two were busy in commenting in a negative way instead of cheering up. And finally this third frog got success in his hard work somehow it reached above the well safely.

Moral of this story of the three frogs is never give up in the sense to get the success.

The Three Frogs Story, motivational and inspirational short moral story of three frogs,
The Three Frogs Story

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