The Partridge, the Hare and the Cat story

The Partridge, the Hare and the Cat story is all about faith and deceive.

One fine day a partridge built its nest under a big peepal tree in a forest. There lived many creatures around it and they all had a good understand. Those days’ partridge was busy in the search of food daily. Partridge saw a cornfield and it was ready for harvesting. As partridge had a very friendly nature so he made many friends there also and they all enjoyed the entire corn feast for some days.

And there under the peepal tree rabbit saw that the place is vacated nobody is there now so let me use this place for living. After some days when partridge came back saw his house was occupied by rabbit. So partridge requested him that this is my house and it is occupied by you please find any other good house for you. The rabbit was stubborn he said now it is mine, I cannot leave instead of giving suggestion to me you find better house for yourself. And their fight was arose so, partridge asked help from his neighbors. They were also in confusion whose is right and wrong because when partridge was not there rabbit started living there when nobody used to stay there. But finally they suggested to both of them that they should go to competent judge.

They both roam around in the search of efficient judge and finally they reached the Godavari river bank. There nearby they saw a tom-cat meditating. The tom-cat was very cunning and clever it saw them that they both are coming towards it so, started acting like he did not saw them. Then after some time tom-cat stopped pretending act of meditating. And then partridge and rabbit shared their problem in front of tom–cat and requested that whoever is guilty give punishment. And again tom-cat started pretending and said I am only servant of God I don’t think that I have any rights to give any judgment. Still if you wish I will try to solve your issue but first let me know about it. Finally The Partridge the Hare and the Cat story took turn then as tom-cat said they both told story but tom-cat asked them to repeat the same because he is so old and not able to heard properly so, let us come little bit closer. And they both showed faith on him but as soon as they come closer to tom-cat killed them on the spot.

So, moral of this was a proper justice with them because they both trusted their dangerous enemy.
The Partridge, the Hare and the Cat story, panchatantra tales
The Partridge, the Hare and the Cat story

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