The Monkey and the Dolphin

Moral of the story Monkey and the dolphin is do not lie and boast yourself otherwise you in trouble.

Long time ago there were some famous sailors went out to Pacific Ocean in their voyaging ship. From these sailors all had their favorite pets and some important things which were brought by them. From these sailors one sailor brought his favorite pet monkey during for the foresight journey.

After some hours when they reached far away out at Pacific Ocean, a frightening violent storm bowled over their ship and they all were afraid of it. So, all of them descended into the Pacific Ocean, and the monkey which was brought by one of the sailors the monkey was sure enough that he would overwhelm in the ocean now. After some minutes only all of a sudden a dolphin came along and blamed monkey up. Then they before long successfully arrived at the dry land and then monkey descended from the dolphins endorse.

The dolphin asked a question to the monkey, “Hey monkey do you have any idea of this place where we have landed?” The monkey responded to the dolphin, “Yes, my friend this place is known to me very well because the king of this place is my best friend in fact; do you have any idea about me who am I? The monkey asked question to the dolphin.  

But unfortunately the dolphin knew everything all about the island and said, if you are a prince of this land then very soon you can become a King too!
Then it was a little bit confusion for the monkey also that how he can become a king of this island? The monkey was very curious to know.

The monkey asked to the dolphin, “How can I be a king of this island?”
Then after a while the dolphin started entered into the Pacific Ocean and said to the monkey now my friend, you are the only one animal on this dry land, so it is very easy answered to your question that you will be the king now onward!”

The Monkey and the Dolphin, short moral story
The Monkey and the Dolphin

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