The Lion and the Mouse

The Lion and the Mouse - Moral – It is a kindness that saves all of us. 

Do you know who the King of jungle is?  Yes you are right the Lion is the King of jungle.  Lion the king of the jungle was very tired because whole day struggles to get the food and finally he was satisfied with success and enjoyed the meal. After some time the lion thought of taking rest for some time and was deep asleep. After a while small little mouse started running up and down on the body of the lion. And because of it the lion woke up and in anger the lion laid his vast hand on the mouse and the lion was angrily opened his big jaws to eat up him. So that the mouse will not disturb him again and it will be a ready made food for him too.

The mouse started requesting to the lion king for disturbing him and said forgive me for whatever I have done about it this time. I promise that I will not disturb you again like these so, please have mercy on me. If you forgive me definitely I will help you when you are in need. The jungle king started laughing at mouse and said you little mouse.

After a while the jungle king lion thought of this and said OK this time I have forgive you but next time you better be careful that you must not disturb me again. The mouse assured and got freedom from the lion.

After some days when the jungle king lion was had food and taking rest suddenly some hunter came and captured the lion in the big strong mesh. Then the hunters went to make and arrangement for zoo van so that they can keep the lion in the zoo.  

At the same time the small mouse passing through the same place and heard the voice of the king lion. When the small mouse went near to the lion, lion remembered and understood the importance of a small mouse too. Then immediately the small mouse stared rescuing the lion from the mesh by eroded. And then they both went away from there and become very good friends.
The Lion and the Mouse, lion and mouse moral short story
The Lion and the Mouse

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