The Foolish Greedy Barber and the Trader

The Foolish Greedy Barber and the Trader story of gold.

Long time ago in a small village named Rampur there was a very rich trader. But suddenly he huge loss in his business and he was not able to come out of the loss. He was very hard working but still was not able to be a good competitor for other businessmen in the same area. He was fully disturbed in his work place and at home too because his family members also not supported and gave any kind of help. They started cursing him that he is not fit for the work now. The trader was tired of the same negative thoughts about him he thought of living the place and he stays with the some sadhu in the temple. In that temple one senior sadhu advised trader that you pray daily then God will give you blessings. And you will regain all that you and your family wish.

Then immediately that same day trader started practicing as sadhu had guided him to do. He continues his practicing for sixty days and sixty nights. At last the trader heard one gentle voice, “Dear, your wretchedness days are over now.” Take a bath in the holy river cleanse yourself physically and mentally too. After that go to your house and hide yourself behind the main gate. There one mendicant will come let him allow to enter in the house. Then quietly go and strike him on his head with the bamboo stick.

As soon as he falls dead you just touch on his head and there will be miracle and transmutation him into gold and it will be yours. And trader did as he was guided by the voice. The in the house of trader one barber used to come and somehow he came to know about the plan of trader. On the next barber did as he heard secretly he hid himself behind the main gate and waited for the mendicant and smashed on the head and the person was dead on the spot. Then he came near to the head and touched but nothing happened as said by the sadhu.

As King came to know about this incident he gave punishment to the barber because of his greediness. And poor barber was presented death instead of gold.
The Foolish Greedy Barber and the Trader,
The Foolish Greedy Barber and the Trader

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