Story of the White Elephant

Story of the White Elephant, love and respect for mother,
Story of the White Elephant

Story of the White Elephant is about the devotion and love for the mother.

Long time ago there lived a white elephant in the foothills of the Himalayas. This White Elephant was a great magnificent creature and ruled over many elephants. Unfortunately the white elephant had an aged and blind mother whom he loved very much. The white elephant took care of all her need at this age.

One day elephant got annoyed with his subjects over their selfish behavior. So he left everybody that time and went with mother far away to another forest. There they got happily settled in a secluded cave. Then one day a great hunter lost his way and landed in the forest. For many days and night the hunter roamed all around but was not able to find a proper way to get out of the dense forest. In the desperation, the hunter started blaming his fortune. There was a cave of the White Elephant nearby place and was out in the search of some food. The white elephant heard the voice and wailings and thought of visiting him. When the hunter saw that the elephant is coming near to him in a fear he started running away from him. But the elephant allayed his fear and ask about his problems. The hunter answered him that he stays nearby village but because of this dense forest he lost the get out of it. When the white elephant came to know the problem he thought of helping the hunter. The white elephant took hunter on his back and showed the correct way. Then the hunter went of the dense forest very easily.

In the village King’s elephant was died very recently. And the King announced that he will give a great reward if anyone suggests him a strong and good elephant. The greedy hunter came to know about it and in the greediness he gave all the information about magnificent White Elephant to the King. And then the greedy hunter guided the King’s soldiers in the dense forest at that time the white elephant was busy in some work. But by the scent of the hunter he understood that there is some danger now. Then he thought that “What ungrateful men are!” This elephant was mighty and noble and because of this he did not believe violence. The white elephant thought of requesting King about his blind mother so he will be set to go free.

The King’s soldiers brought the white elephant to the royal stable and provided all the good food. But elephant did not touch it. The keepers of this stable were if he is not eating then very soon he will also die then they inform this issue to the King. The King himself decided to visit the white elephant and gave some good food but it was refused then the King asked what the problem is?

The White Elephant answered, your majesty I am worried about my blind mother who stays in the dense forest. She is blind and very old how she will be surviving without me and how I will eat food. When King came to know about the real problem he respects the feelings for mother. Then the king took final decision that he will set the elephant free so that he can accomplish his duties and responsibilities.       

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