Dominating Wife Story

Who is more Dominating in a relationship? Dominating Wife Story

Akbar was very busy in his court and solving some important issues of the public. Same time his queen called him then immediately Akbar got ready to go and visit her. When Akbar was about to leave the court all the courtiers stood up from their seats in respect to the Emperor Akbar. 

Birbal was also attending the court at the same time and thought about it. Our Emperor is very much respectable and important person among all here but so sad that he is also helpless in front of his wife like all of us and Birbal gave a smile to Akbar.

Akbar saw and thought that Birbal is making fun of him. Because my queen called me and I am going to listen to her. So, angrily Akbar gave a command to Birbal to leave the Empire immediately and not to be seen any more on the soil of his kingdom. And then Birbal also follows the command of Akbar without asking argument. Birbal left the kingdom of Akbar same day. After some days when Akbar thought of this incident he realizes the mistake which he had done. To make correction in his mistake Akbar sent some soldiers in search of Birbal but they were not able to find him.

Akbar was very sad in the absence of Birbal and regret about his mistake. One fine day Akbar was busy working in his balcony area in his palace and saw one carriage was passing from there. And Akbar saw Birbal was sitting in the same carriage so, without wasting time Akbar sent four soldiers to stop the carriage. Birbal saw this and immediately from one bag spread the soil on the ground. Birbal came out of carriage and stood on the soil which he had spread and bowed with the respect in front of Emperor Akbar. Akbar saw this and pretends to be angry with Birbal and asks him still you are here not obeying my commands?

Birbal answered your majesty as soon as you commanded me I left and went to neighbor country and brought some soil from there. Sorry to say but now also I am standing on the soil which I brought from other country. Akbar was very happy see him and witty reply given by Birbal. Akbar hugged Birbal and gave command to attend the court form the morning.    

Who is more Dominating in a relationship?, Dominating Wife Story
Dominating Wife Story

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