Birbal’s Wisdom and the Sculpture

Birbal’s Wisdom and the Sculpture is the story of his wittiness.

Birbal’s Wisdom and the Sculpture story goes like this - One day sculptor creator came into the court of Emperor Akbar with three beautiful paragons. All the paragons appear likewise precisely but there was a set in the inner bodily structure. The sculptor was very clever he said, these all are same but only one is the best and challenged Birbal to choose the best paragons from this three and explained why he has chosen the same with reason.

Now the time was given to Birbal so, he started examine each very minutely and spent some time with it. As he noticed there were small holes in the ears and mouths of the paragons. As per the challenged Birbal started working on his mission to get success in it. Birbal ordered long and thin wire he inserted into its ear and took out from the mouth of first paragon. Then second paragon he took and inserted into ear and it came out of another ear. Lastly Birbal took third paragon and as he did before inserted wire into ear and it went into the stomach area. Birbal did all this experiment in front of all and sculpture too so; he showed this to everybody those who were present there. Birbal said, this is the best among all this.

The sculpture was very surprised and he asks for a reason. Birbal explained him that the each paragon symbolizes a minister of a king and that the wire symbolizes a secret of the country. As first paragon we inserted wire into ear and came out of the mouth it means minister will hear a mystery and blunder out so he is low character. About the second he said, wire inserted into the ear and came out of the other ear it means this type of minister never gives any important to anything so, he is ordinary minister. And about the last paragon we inserted the wire and it went right to the stomach it means this is the minister who hears a secret but never reveals it to anybody so, he is an ideal minister.
The sculpture was so amaze and satisfied about the answer given by the Birbal and it was correct. So, he gifted the entire three paragons to Birbal.   

Moral of this Birbal’s Wisdom and the Sculpture story is we must observe in a proper way to understand.

Birbal’s Wisdom and the Sculpture, statue of wax,
Birbal’s Wisdom and the Sculpture
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