Be The Change Yourself First

Be The Change Yourself First - Moral- Make changes in your own way of looking at problems otherwise will be in trouble physically, mentally, psychology and socially too.  

Long time ago there was an Emperor who was ruling a flourishing nation because all the kinds of facilities were available there for him and for his peoples too. One day the emperor thought of going for a trip to some upstage regions of his own country that he had visited long back to know what are the things are happening all around in his kingdom. After visiting this place when he came back to his castle, he was moaned that his journey was very feverish, because after many years the emperor went out for such a foresight travel, and the roads from he went by was very crude and obdurate.

When the emperor had very bad experience of the roads he thought of his people then he governed his soldiers and the other concern departments to make every road of the full nation with very smooth like leather. And to make like this roads by all odds, this will need many of cows’ clamber, and will price a very big amount of money and other required things to make a road.

When his committee members came to know about the emperor’s idea of covering all the roads with cow’s skin they all were shocked to know about it.  Then some members had important discussion on this matter. And finally then one of his smart servants presumed himself to convey the message from all of them to the king, Is really necessary to spend lot of amount for this small problem instead of this why can’t you make a special leather shoe for yourself?

When the king heard this accepted his suggestion, to make a leather shoe for himself.

Be The Change Yourself First, not world roads
Be The Change Yourself First

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