The Three Fishes

The Three Fishes is the short story with a meaningful message for all of us Unity is Strength.

Long time ago near riverside a small pond was there. Three Fishes lived in it, they were named Shekhar, Sandeep, and Deepak.

One day they left the wilderness where no men lived, and came down the river to live.
Sandeep said to the other two: See these fishermen they are coming with the full preparation. "There is danger all about us here. Fishermen come to the river here to catch fish with all sorts of nets and lines. We all will returned again to the wilderness land where we were staying before."

But the other two Fishes were so lazy and so greedy that they kept putting off their going from day to day.

But one day Shekhar and Deepak went swimming on ahead of Sandeep and they did not see the fisherman's net and rushed into it. Sandeep saw them rush into the net.
"I must save them," said Sandeep.

When they were float all around the fish net, he slashed in the water in forepart of it, like a Fish that had broken up by the mesh and approached the stream. Then he floated behind of the mesh and spattered about there like a Fish that had breached through and went downward the river.

The fisherman observed that the water was splashing and started thinking that the Fishes had breached by the net and that one had went up the river, the other down, so he drew in the net by one another corner. That get the two Fishes come out of the net and far away they went in search of Sandeep.

"You saved our lives, Sandeep," they said, "and now we are willing to go back to the wild country."
So then they came back to their pavilion and spent their life safely.

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The Three Fishes 

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