The Four Friends

The Four Friends - short moral story for kids
The Four Friends - panchatantra short story for kids

The Four Friends is a very motivational and valuable story for Unity in diversity.

Long time ago there was a very big jungle and what happened. Once in a beautiful jungle named Giri there lived the four friends. A Deer, a Mouse, a Crow and Tortoise. They all used to spend most of the time together. They regularly met under a big Pipal tree.

One day as usual everyone gathered at their usual place but the deer did come so, all the other friends were very worried. What happened to our friend? Where deer dear went? All were in tension. Tortoise asked the crow can you please go and check. Why the deer did not come? So, crow flew away in search of the deer. Crow search the deer almost everywhere finally he found it.

The deer was asking for help because deer was trapped by hunter. Crow was very worried about deer. Crow went to his another friend and informed them. They had a short meeting on this problem; they decided to send the mouse to cut the net with his teeth. The carried mouse on his back and flew to the deer and other friend followed them too.
The mouse started to cut the net with the help of his teeth. Soon the deer was free at the same time the hunter was back.

The crow flew up to the tree, the mouse hid behind the tree, the deer ran far away, but the tortoise could not move fast so the hunter caught him and tied him in the net. Now tortoise was in problem, the deer got an idea he stood in the way of the hunter to attract him. He saw the deer he drop tortoise with the net and ran to catch the deer. At the same time mouse cut and save the tortoise.
Moral- We must help each other.

The Four Friends and the Hunter,
The Four Friends and the Hunter,

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