Old Man and the Money

Old Man and the Money, Akbar and Birbal short story, Ramu and Shamu unfaithful friend,
Old Man and the Money

Old Man and the Money is the story of faith which we do not have now a days on each other.

Once upon a time there was an old man named Ramu. Ramu was living nearby a village had to cross the big forest and a small river also. Then he met his very old friend, named Shamu, friend my savings are in this bag when I am back, I will take it from you. Ramu said to Shamu that I have some urgent work so, I will be going.  

OK, Ramu without any worries you carry on. After a few days the Ramu had returned. And ask his friend for his savings. Shamu, will you give me back my money? What money you are saying something wrong! Old man then went to Birbal. And Birbal called both of them and heard the case.

In which place did you handover the money. In the forest path, under tamarind tree said Ramu. Fine then, call the tamarind tree for the witness. If it says yes, you will get back your money. The Ramu was completely confused he went to call the tree as Birbal had told him. After few hours, it is taking so much time! Still he has not come. Well, how far is this tree?

Birbal asked to Shamu the tree is four miles from here sir. Ok, then will wait for him. Few minutes later the old man walked in.

Sir I was calling the tree again and again but it is not moving. Do not worry, the tree has already come here as a witness.

If you have not taken the money, then how will you know where the tree was?
Accept your fault or else you will be punished.
Shamu accepted his fault and said, forgive me sir; I will return his money today.

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