King Midas and the Golden Touch

King Midas and the Golden Touch is the very great story fantasy and love for daughter.

Long time ago there lived a King. He had one beautiful daughter named Marigold. Once his daughter brought a flower for King Midas. He told they are so beautiful dear like you but it just a pity they are not real gold. Please come and play with me in the garden it is so beautiful. I can’t come to the garden to play with you dear because I have to count my gold! Please dear take this and go play so, that I can go for my work! All right

Same night when he was sleeping angel came into his dream. And asked him, are you satisfied with the gold you have? I am wishing that wherever I touch should transform into gold. Do you? Then listen carefully to me now. At mornings first light, you will get your wish King Midas. Everything you touch will turn to gold. Then he got up from the dream, and asked himself can it be possible? The Golden touch! Then he touched his coat, shoes, flower pot, and many other things. Which were available there and he was very happy singing, dancing, with happiness he went to give this news to his daughter Marigold! He touched the flowers in the garden and he told I'll give her a garden of pure gold!

He was little bit tired so, he thought he can have breakfast now. Servants brought breakfast for him; he took a sip of juice and it convert into gold then he took a fruit to eat again it convert into the gold.

King Midas asked how can I drink or eat now.

At the same time Marigold comes to him. Look! My garden is ruined! It is so terrible! But Marigold now we are so rich, richer than anyone! I want my flowers back, she said. But Marigold we can buy all the types of roses in the world now! I want my roses back now, because they don't look and smell pretty. Now, dry your tears and have breakfast and we will celebrate. As soon as King Midas touched Marigold she turned into gold. He was shouting regretfully what I have done dear! Nothing is beautiful without my Marigold. He was crying.

Then angel saw him and told go and take bath in the river. After wards, anything you sprinkle with the river water will change back!

King Midas went to take bath in the river and his golden touch was vanished. He took the same water in the pot and came. Sprinkle it everywhere he touched; he took a rose from the garden and went to his Marigold! He gave rose to his Marigold and they were very happy.

King Midas and the Golden Touch, short moral story of fathers love,
King Midas and the Golden Touch

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