Clever Bull and the Farmer

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Clever Bull and the Farmer

Clever Bull and the Farmer

Once upon a time there was a farmer lived in a small village. Farmer had a clever bull that helps him for so many works like in the field at house for farming and other works too. As the bull grew old the farmer gave up in the jungle because he thought that bull will be not useful for the work now. The bull was old and very clever bull; he was searching a place to leave with enough food very soon he found the empty cave and pond nearby one field with the green land, plants, shrubs and trees all around. The bull was happy to got settled there, but one day bull saw a lion coming towards the cave.

The bull did not scare and quickly made a plan. Looking into the cave clever bull called out. Darling today we will have a big feast! A lion has coming here don't get scare as soon as he is near enough I will pick him by my horns and pull him inside. The lion heard this he was very afraid and thought he must run from there. Jackal saw lion was running away he asked to lion what happened lion explained everything. Jackal told to the lion he fooled you.

What do you mean? Don’t get scare come with me I will show you. How he fooled you? And they went near to the cave bull saw them and realized that jackal had explained lion everything about him. But bull was very clever he kept cool and asked the jackal.
Jackal I had asked you to bring me two lions but you brought only one.Will half of my family has to be without food? The lion was very afraid and he started running away from there. Jackal saw this and he also ran away.

Moral- When we use brain, we will win sure.
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