The Sparrow and the Crow

Dear kids do you know the famous short story of 

The Sparrow and the Crow?

After lot of hard work the pearl found by sparrow and the grain of gram found by crow. The Crow enjoys the grain and asked sparrow to show the pearl. But sparrow was not ready for this. The crow was requested the sparrow to show the pearl as soon as sparrow gave crow flew away and sat on the tree. The crow was denied to give the pearl back to the sparrow.
The sparrow thought to punish the crow for this act. Sparrow went and requested to the carpenter to punish by cutting the tree but he denied.

Sparrow thought of going and request to the Queen to punish the carpenter, but she denied.
The sparrow asked help from the rat to nibble the sari of the queen, but he denied.
Because of it very angrily requested to the cat to eat the rat but she denied.
After this sparrow went to the dog and gave an ordered to bit the cat, but it denied

Then sparrow asked to the stick to beat the dog, but it denied.
Then sparrow asked to the fire to burn the stick, but it denied.
Then sparrow asked to the sea to put out the fire, but it denied.
Then sparrow asked to the elephant to drink the sea, but it denied.
Then sparrow asked to the ant to enter the ear of the elephant, the ant accepted.

Like this everybody got afraid and started accepting each other’s requests.
Now the queen was ready to punish the carpenter, and the carpenter was ready to cut the tree. Finally the crow scared and gave back the pearl to the sparrow.
The Sparrow and the Crow, short moral story for kids
The Sparrow and the Crow

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