The King and the Clever Astrologer Story

The King and the Clever Astrologer Story, short stories
The King and the Clever Astrologer Story  

The King and the Clever Astrologer is a very funny story.

Long time ago there was a king named Vishwaraj he was afraid of his death always because he saw some dreams while sleeping. He was very often discussing this topic with his wife and other family member but unfortunately they were not able to answered about the meaning of his dreams. Then one of the family member suggested him that why can't you ask your question to astrologers and they always answered him. That he has a very long life, once he invited a famous astrologer in his court to know the meaning of the dreams. An astrologer all the predictions were mostly true.

The king was very happy so he welcomes him and gave a very high seat with all the respect. The king gives him his horoscope to study. An astrologer said to him my Lord; I will tell you what your planet chart tells about you. The King said please tell me about my future without any fear. An astrologer started telling all the good things about his future and the king was very happy hearing this. After this an astrologer started telling about all the bad things and then king became very sad and he stopped that an astrologer to share only bad things about him.

The king asked to the astrologer, tell me now according to the study of planet when will you die?
The Clever astrologer understood and replies the King your majesty I will die before you die! Then the King became curious and understood the answer of the clever astrologer. The king gives necklace and some gift as reward to the clever astrologer.

Moral of the story of The King and the Clever Astrologer is use your brain and Pray to God in all the situation to save yourself.

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