The Bird Man - Dr. Salim Ali

It is a true story of the bird man. Dr. Salim Ali lost his parents early and was looked after by his maternal uncle in Mumbai. The uncle was fond of hunting and there were several rifles and weapons in the house. Dr. Salim Ali himself as a child had shot several sparrows out of fun. One such sparrow had a white spot on the throat. His religious uncle sent it to the Bombay Natural History Society to see if it was fit for eating. 

There Dr. Salim Ali saw several stuffed birds. The visit proved to be a turning point in his life. Dr. Salim Ali began to love birds, stopped killing them. He went to college but as he was very uncomfortable with math, he left it and went to Burma and started helping his brother in the mining business. On his return he started visiting the Bombay Natural History Society and wandered in the countryside and in forests doing bird watching. He made a deep study of birds, observed their nests, behavior, migration, daily life.

He became such an expert that people started calling him- The Bird Man - Dr. Salim Ali
The Bird Man - Dr. Salim Ali, Biography of the famous scientist the bird man of India
The Bird Man - Dr. Salim Ali