Tenali Raman and the Talking Parrot

Do you know the story of Tenali Raman and the Talking Parrot? 

Tenali Raman and the Talking Parrot, the parrots plight
Tenali Raman and the Talking Parrot

Long time ago there lived a King named Udaya and Queen named Leela. Queen had a beautiful parrot in a fully golden cage. They were giving good delicious food and nuts to the parrot to eat. They were teaching to the parrots to say good manners and greetings so, that whoever listens they will feel good about them and parrot too. Once Tenali Raman came to them and heard the sound of the parrot which was kept in the golden cage. Queen gave introduction to the Raman because they did not know each other and told that the parrot is going to leave in the palace. The parrots specialty is she can talk only good words. Raman said them that birds cannot talk on their own. They can repeat some words for the food you gave. King also came and the parrots specialty is she can talk only good words. Raman challenged to the King that I can prove it to be wrong as they were explaining about parrot to Tenali. If you give me permission?

Raman told I will take the parrot and bring her after few days. King told you would be punished if you fail to prove. Tenali Raman invited one best bird trainer and asked the bird trainer to teach some bad words like "king is bad and queen also." And after few days he took parrot to the palace.

The parrot started to talk king is bad and queen also. Very angrily king asked to the Raman, what you have done to my parrot? Raman said sorry you majesty to teach like this. Animals and birds are learning to imitate and they don’t know to talk on their own.

But this is not good to put the birds and animals in the cages for our happiness. The King understood the fact and let the free to fly. 

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