Tenali Raman and the Brinjal Curry

Tenali Raman and the Brinjal Curry, short story
Tenali Raman and the Brinjal Curry  

Tenali Raman and the Brinjal Curry it is a very witty tale as well as shows cleverness of Tenali Raman.

In the Kingdom of Krishnadevraya gave ordered to his favorite gardener to grow a special brinjal which was seedless in their fields. Tenali Raman tested the brinjal when he had called for the dinner with the king. Tenali Raman liked the taste of it very much.

Tenali Raman went to his house and shared the incident to his wife. My dear do you know what I had in dinner with the king today and the special dish was seedless brinjal. And it was very tasty I liked it so much, I never ate like this brinjal before. Tenali Raman’s wife was thinking about this mouthwatering brinjal, so she told to the Raman can you get it for me also.  In the mind of Tenali eagerness started to taste the brinjal. Tenali said to his wife but the king growing them in his garden and gardener will not allow us or anyone to take them from their fields.

Raman wanted to make his wife happy so; he steals brinjal form the garden of King when the gardener was sleeping. His wife cooked it next day for the lunch and she told to call their son to have this tasty dish. The son was having a very nice dream about rain.
After some days the king came to know about theft of the brinjal, he doubted on Tenali Raman. So, he believed and called his son thinking that children will not tell any lie.

The King asks dear son, did you eat brinjal yesterday?

He told yes you majesty, it was very tasty. I woke up from the sleep because of rain and ate brinjal.

As there was no rain yesterday the King did not have any doubt on Tenali Raman and he was safe.

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