Cinderella Lovely Girl

Cinderella Lovely Girl is the best fantasy and folk short story ever.

Once upon a time, a rich man lived with his wife and daughter. Cinderella Lovely Girl is the best fantasy and folk short story summary ever. Cinderella was with her stepmother and two stepsisters they were mistreating her. But his wife was very ill and she requested to see her daughter for the endure time. Dear child, be good and kind to everyone.  Always remember that God will protect you.”

Then mother died Oh, Mother, I promise to be good and kind to everyone. Each and every day the daughter went to her mother’s engrave and cried. She always remembered what her mother asked and was good and kind to everyone. On her path to the engrave a white bird constantly fled all around the girl. After many months Cinderella’s-father remarried. Her stepmother brought her two daughters to live with them. The girls were very pretty but unkind, and they had evil hearts.

They told to Cinderella, who do you think you are? You should not be here. Go out to the kitchen. Yes that is the right place for you, there are many work to be done. And stay there too.

Here's and old night gown and some same wooden shoes. Cinderella work hard from morning until night. Nobody helped her for any work.

But the white bird helped and sang a beautiful song to her, whenever she wept and felt lonely. I wish you could talk to me she said to adorable bird.

Next morning her step sisters made fun of her. Ha! Ha! Ha! Look how dirty she is! Let give her new name. Cinderella work hard and listen to her stepsisters unkind words. Still she remained good and kind. She visited her mother grave often and wept. When she felt sad, the white bird cheered her up with the beautiful song. This beautiful song she felt like her dead mothers lullaby.

One day the King arranged a big party. He invited all the beautiful girls in the country. The King wanted his son to choose one of these pretty girls to marry.
Cinderellas stepsisters were very excited to go to that Kings party to marry prince and Cinderella too.

Cinderella comb my hair and helped me get dressed. No, help me first, they both sisters started fighting. Cinderella said, please don't fight. I will help you both. Cinderella thought, I wish I also could see the wonderful party. But stepmother never allows me to go to the party. She thought, must take permission from her stepmother.

No, you cant go because you don't have beautiful cloths. Besides that, you are all dirty. And you don't know how to dance. Everyone would laugh at us, then Cinderellas stepmother and stepsisters left for the party to the palace. Cinderella was very sad and she went to her mothers grave and cried. As white bird came after her and she said, I wish I had a beautiful dress. Then I could also go to the party.

Then the white bird listened her wish, it responsively fled away. After some time bird returned with the small box in her beak and dropped it into Cinderellas arms. Cinderella was surprised, but opened it quickly. What a beautiful dress and pair of shoes! Where did you get them? Oh! Thank you, dear friend. She quickly got dressed dresses and hurried to the kings party.

Everyone wondered who the beautiful girl was? She must be a princess from far country. Nobody could recognize Cinderella even her stepmother and stepsisters too.
Prince offered her for dance with him. Wont you dance with me?

Yes, I will

He could not take his eyes off Cinderella. Because Cinderella was a beautiful and lovely girl. Soon it was late in the evening, let me take you home.

Oh, no! I must go home alone, wait please don't go away quickly. Did I do something wrong? No, thank you for taking care of me!

And Cinderella ran away from the prince party. She did not want to know the prince that she was a maid. Cinderella took shortcut and soon disappeared from sight. The prince tried to follow her but got lost in the forest and while coming back to the palace. He heard a beautiful sound and it was white bird. Hm mm, In her hurry, princess must have lost her one shoe. Perhaps this bird knows where she lives. The prince picked up one shoe and followed white bird as it guided him to the Cinderellas house. Meanwhile stepmother and stepsister arrived there. They saw prince they were very happy and excited to see him there. But prince said, I need to find the owner of this one shoe, she will be my bride. Stepmother thought prince came to marry her daughter and girls too. Both girls tried the one shoe but it was big for one and small for another girl. Prince stopped them angrily and asked for her third daughter. She told to the prince, that she was at home only whole night. She is so ugly and dirty. I must see all the girls in this house; they must try on this shoe. Cinderella was very dirty with her old nightgown; he looked at her but did not hesitate to go near to her. And asked her to put shoe, it fit her foot perfectly.

The stepmother was so surprised and fainted.

Prince said, you will be my wife.
Oh, no! This can’t be happening.
The stepsisters sat down and cried loudly.
The white bird flew to Cinderella and sang beautiful song.
The delighted prince took Cinderella and white bird to the palace and there they lived happily ever after.

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 Cinderella Lovely Girl
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