Birbals Khichdi

Birbals Khichdi short moral and witty story
Birbals Khichdi

Do you love Khichdi? OK I love it so much so, today we are going to have taste of Birbals Khichdi. 

One cold night Emperor Akbar and Birbal were walking on the river bank at the palace backyard. Birbal it is very cold here in this situation is it possible to stand out for anyone to freezing water through such a night?

No, it is not possible but if you are giving any prize then somebody can be ready for this.
Yes, I am ready to give prize but prove it to me tomorrow.
Next day Birbal called one poor man and asked him to stand in cold water throughout the night?

For this prize will be given to you by Akbar. Are you ready for this?
Yes, sir I will try my level best. The poor man he stood in the cold water throughout night. And Akbar posted two guards to keep watching.
Akbar asked to that poor man how you were able to stand throughout night in the freezing water?

My Lord, light rays of a burning lamp from the palace was falling on me so, I stood looking at it. So, it was the warmth from the lamp that helped you to stand out in the freezing water. Hence you are not going to get any prize for it.
But when Birbal came to know about this he thought that poor man must be get the prize for his work.

Birbal made a plan he invited Akbar for the lunch but the food was not ready. Birbals wife gave water to the Akbar and he asked when the food is will be ready. I am hungry now please make it hurry.

15 minutes sir, 30 minutes sir, 45 minutes sir, like that she and Birbal were telling to wait to the Akbar for food. Akbar was very angry and he went to see what is going on in the kitchen. Akbar asked to Birbal whose stupid idea is this. How you will be able to cook if the vessel is stung ten feet above the fire? 

Why not my Lord! If a lamp from the palace can warm a person standing in freezing water somewhere in the palace backyard. Why not a fire from ten feet away from the help vessel to cook the food!
Akbar realized his mistake and gave prize to that poor man.

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