Wise Rabbit

Once in the jungle there lived a big Lion that hunt and killed animals in large numbers. One day all the animals from the jungle came together and they had a meeting on this topic.

If lion is going to kill and eat all of us then the jungle will soon be empty. So, they next day all the animals went to meet the lion. They discuss this with the lion as well and requested him please dont eat us. But we will send one animal to you every day as pray, one by one they started to go to the lion.

Now turn came for wise rabbit then he planned to put an end to the cruel lion. Wise rabbit went to the lion and told him that today five of us sent to you as food to you but four were killed. By another lion on the way. Lion was very angry and shocked, he asked where is he? Show me immediately I am going to killed him. Wise rabbit took him nearby well and asked him to look inside to see the other lion. Lion saw his own reflection in the water and said I am the only king in this jungle and jumped into the well.

Moral- Think clever win sure


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