The Stupid Monkeys

Long time ago a king gave a good holiday time to all the people and gardener thought ok now I also can go and enjoy with my friends. I did not have to water the tree in this garden. Those days monkeys tribe was there the gardenerdecided to give this work to them.

So next day the gardener went to the monkeys chief and said see you all are here eating all the kinds of fruits, playing, jumping, running, enjoying now I wants to go for a holiday and enjoy with my friends.

So, please do not forget to water these trees, they must have plenty water but not too much and went away.

The Chief of the monkeys gave an order to others to watering pots and they began. But they asked him how will know the trees have enough water? The chief had no answer for it so, he told ok no problem what you do pull up each tree and look at the length of its roots. And deal with it like that if it has short or long roots.

Then the stupid monkeys pulled up all the trees to see roots and gave water to them.

When the gardener came back from the holidays, many trees were dead because of the stupid monkeys.



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