The Olive tree and the Fig tree

Long time ago there lived a beautiful Olive tree. She was very beautiful in the forest and she knew everyone admired her. The colorful birds sat on the branches of Olive tree and sang beautiful spring songs.

Oh, Fig just look at how beautiful I am,

Aren’t my leaves so thick and beautiful? Olive asked.

Oh, yes they are, answered the fig tree politely.

Soon, it was autumn. Figs leaves started to change colors. Olives, leaves stayed green and thick.

Oh, poor Fig! Olive whispered loudly to the bird

And the bird asked,Why are Figs leaves changing colors?

Olive said, his leaves are getting weak.

As it gets colder, Figs leaves will start to fall off And he will be naked and ugly!

What about you, Olive? asked the little bird. And Olive told do not worry.

Olive said proudly. My leaves are same all around the year. They are always thick, green and beautiful.

Fig tree knew Olive was teasing him. But he ignored and stood proudly.

One day it began to snow. The snowflakes fell and landed on Olives leaves. They also fell to ground next to fig. Snow fell very harder and Olive started complained, Oh, my branches are so heavy. She cried!

Soon, beautiful leaves of Olive covered with the snow. Suddenly there was cracking sound and Olives branches broke and fell off, one after another.

What happened to Olive? the bird asked Fig.

She learned a lesson, answered a Fig.

Moral – Sometimes it is not good to be the same all the time. We are all different for a reason.


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