The Man and the Serpent

Once in the forest when Rohit was to for some work that time his son by mistake stepped upon a snake tail, so snake turned and bit and the son died on the spot.

Rohit as soon as saw this with his axe he cut off partof snakes tail. So to take the revenge of it snake went to farmers cows and made a big loss for him.

Then the farmer thought to make an adjustment with the snake and brought some food for it. The farmer said to the snake now please let forget and forgive; you had punished my son and took the revenge of it. Now I think we are satisfied and we can become friends again.

Snake said, no because I lost my tail and you your son we cannot forget this. So, please take away your food. So, what can we learn from the story ofThe Man and the Serpent.

Moral- Wounds may be pardoned, but not buried.


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