The Loyal Mongoose

Once there lived a farmer with his wife and a new born child in a small village named Rahata. One evening farmer returned from the days work he brought with him small mongoose. He said to his wife dear, this little mongoose will grow along with our child as our pet. One day the farmers wife wanted to go to the market so, she put the child to sleep in to the cradle. She was halfhearted to leave the child alone with the mongoose. She told her husband to take care of child, when she came to house after completing her work.

She saw mongoose and screamed. Oh my God! You have killed my child so, she struck the mongoose and went inside to see her child. The child was still fast asleep. On the floor below the cradle lay the snake, torn and bleeding. The lady realized what had happened.

She ran to the mongoose, and said you killed the snake and save my child then she cried so much for it what had done. She understood that was the loyal mongoose.

Moral- Think before taking decisions.


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