The Lark And Her Young Ones

Once upon a time the lark made her nest in fields after some days the wheat stalks grew tall and the birds also. The farmer of that field and his son came saw it and planned for harvesting. And they thought of taking help from their neighbours and some helpers but nobody came.

The same day morning mother lark went in search of food and heard all this they were frightened. But mother told them dont worry dear.

A few days later, the wheat was so good, that when the wind rocked the stems, a come of wheat grains came rustling down on the young Larks heads.

The farmer had a discussion with his son that If we are not going to harvest it now then we will be losing half crop. I think we should start the work now.

Again the young larks heard this and told to their mother; mother said We have to leave now because when man decides to do work now without depending on others then surely he will do it. ThenThe Lark and Her Young Ones took flight from there.

And the next day the farmer and his son started harvesting and sound an empty nest.

Moral Self help is the best help.


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