The Great Sacrifice

Many years ago there was a big forest there were group of monkeys living peaceful life. All were very happy with their King and group. Once King monkey call all other monkeys for meeting and said we all are here from many years on this mango trees. But now I came to know that humans are going to taste the mango fruit and it will be problem for all of us. Because they dont know the taste of mango.

King monkey said be careful, make sure not a single mango shall falls into the river.

But by mistake one juicy ripe mango fell into the river. Once fisherman came there for fishing and he tasted the mango and showed it to his friends to take information about it. But nobody knows then took to the King and minister. Minister told this is a rare mango and we can get it in the forest. King gave an order to go and verify the forest. King with the some soldiers went to the forest to get the information about mango. As soon as monkeys saw them monkeys started screaming. King asks the minister why they are screaming and who are they we will eat mongo and monkey also.

Their soldiers began for hunting the monkeys. They were completely trapped by soldiers. All monkeys ask help to the King monkey and he said to them no worries I will be with you. Please do as I say, opposite the river there is fig tree collect long and strong tree creeper tie one end to this tree and other give to me. I will swing over the river to that fig tree and you can come across the opposite side of the river. But the tree creeper was too short till he tried to catch a branch of fig tree.

And as he said to monkey all of them came to the other side of the river but among them one monkey who did happy with the king. That last wicked monkey thought this will good opportunity for him to be a king and across the river pushed the King monkey down.And he did it for his selfishness nature;the monkeys saw this with pain.But no one came to help king monkey and he was fallen down on the big rock with broken head.

On the other side of the river the King saw all this, come on we must save the monkey king.

The King asked to the monkey king, You save all of their life at the cost of your own life.

The monkey king said to the King, I have done my duty and I am very happy that my group is completely safe now. And the monkey died.

Moral- Self Sacrifice is the greatest gift.


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