The Elephant and the Ant

Once in the forest there lived The Elephant and the Ant. Ared and black ant they were tunneling in the earth. And mean while wild elephant came near to them and told: Why are you tunneling here this forest and area. You have to take my permission otherwise I will destroy your work.

Ant replied like this: Dear Elephant why you are worrying so much we know that we are small but better than you in some ways.

Stop talking nonsense I am the largest and most strong animal on the earth. Nobody can beat me: Elephant said.

Ok, dear now we will arrange race and then we will see, who is strong?

They started race the elephant was running very crazily and screaming. Elephant was running very fast then for some time after he got tired and saw down at the ground two ants were there.

So it started off again andwhen it stopped and looked down, again the condition was same. It dropped down dead from exhaustion.

Now at last the Elephant accepted that Ants numerous than any other.

Actually what was happening the two ants never ran at all but whenever the elephant ran and looked at the ground he saw some ants were running and he thought that these are that two ants.


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