The Crows and the Snake

There was once a big tree in the forest named safari. Many crows had built their nest in that same tree. One day abig snake came and saw that tree he started thinkingthat will be a very good home for him. And started living in it, one day snake sawa nest full of eggs. Snake was very lucky to have it, and he ate all the eggs from the nest.


When the crows came back they saw their nest empty and they came to know that the snake had ate it. So, they made a plan to get rid of it. They flew to a lake where a queen came to bath daily. They picked up a necklace which she had left on the bank of the lake. They brought the necklace and dropped it front of the snakes hole.


The queens servants chased the birds and came to the snakes hole. They saw snakes near it and killed the snake immediately took necklace, then all the crows lived happily after.

Moral- There is always a way out of every difficulty.


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