Noah And The Ark

One day God said to Noah: “Man has fill the world with sin. I must I must clean the earth now. I will send a flood of water to clean the earth and it will destroy every living thing.” God chose Noah and the ark to save those people, who were willing to come to Him. The measurement of the Ark was 155 meters long, 26 meters wide and 15 meters high. There was a place for the people and the animals too. Noah was 480 years old when he was told to build the ark. God saw man sinning again and again. And God chose Noah as righteous man to preacher and carpenter. Noah and his three sons Shem, Ham and Japheth started working on building the ark. And Noah warned people about the flood was going to come and be careful. So people made fun of him, and laughed at him. But Noah continue building and preaching for 120 years. Finally Noah and the Ark was ready to save.

Noah obeyed Hog and built the ark. Noah pleaded with the people but no one listened to him. They were making fun of him. Suddenly they saw male and female of every kind of animal, insects and birds walking towards the ark. Noah and his sons led the animals to place ready for them in the ark. Noah, his wife and three sons along with their wives went into the ark. People did not believe Noah’s message but nobody came in. Then God closed the door of the ark.

After seven days, clouds gathered and covered the sky. Thunder rolled and it shook the earth. The rain was for forty days and forty nights killing all people, animals, birds, and insects.

Nothing was remaining on the earth but water and sky and one ark. Noah and his family was safe inside the ark. When rain stopped the ark rested on Mount Ararat. One morning Noah took out a raven to see if water had gone down, but the raven kept flying back and forth. Noah knew the water was still deep. After seven days he sent out a dove and it returned with an olive leaf in its beak. Noah and his family lived more than a year in the ark.

Noah came out of the ark with his family and built an altar to thank God for saving them from the great flood.

I set my bow in the cloud, and it shall be a sign of the covenant between Me and the earth.

God save those who are goo and obey Him and punishes those who sin and disobey Him.


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