Lazy rabbit and magic stick

Lazy rabbit lying under the tree he found the small stick nearby and started hitting on the ground and said, I must have lot of carrots. He wished it and after some time heap of carrots appeared front of him. He was not ready to believe on his own eyes, it must be a magic stick.

Magic stick

Magic stick

Let me get it sure that this a magic stick, so he asked for the green grass and after some time it appeared front of him. He was very happy and started jumping. All the day he was only eating and sleeping. One fine day lazy rabbit heard the lion roaring who was very far from him. He took the magic stick and said transform me into a lion and lion into a rabbit. And then he became happierafter this but then jackal was not happy. Jackal brought another jackal in the same forest to fight with the lion. Now the rabbit lion saw the real lion and afraid of fighting. Because he doesnt know how to fight, then heunderstand the creation of God. I cannot get the courage of a lion with the magic I only transform physically but not mentally.

Then again he asked to the magic stick to make him rabbit again.

Moral- There is a reason behind every creation.


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