Honorable Life

In the small village there was a famous dakoit his name was Daku Mangal. In the same village Hardik was working as a good shepherd. It was a time of winter and one day cold morning a hardik was grazing his cows in a pasture. He was very poor but sincere for all the work. Hardik did not have good clothes and pair of shoes for the winter season.

Suddenly a famous dakoit Mangal came there on a horse with his group. He got down, went near to the hardik and said, You are Welcome to work with me. I will give you everything whatever you need for your daily demand.

At this the hardik poor shepherd replied, I am with my honorable life which you dont have.

Dakoit Mangal heard this and got amazed and right away he thought of surrender to the law of their village panchayat.



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