Elephants and the Rats

Once far away in the forest there lived many rats in a deserted house near riverside. One day a small group of elephants came to drink water there.They came by running and stamped many rats. Rats killed under the feet of the elephants.

The rats had a big meeting on this problem, the King of Rats said this very sad that we have lost many of our relatives. One of them said I think now these elephants are going to come daily. So it will be problem for all of us, so we need to take action against this.

Next day the king of Rats went to the King of Elephants. And he said, yesterday when you came to drink water to the riverside we lost many our relatives so please change the route. The King Elephant said, oh! We are sorry for this ok we will change the route.

After some months all the elephants caught in the trap and somehow one escaped from there. King Elephant gave an order to him please go and ask help to the Rats because we cannot cut the rope but they can do it. So, that elephant went to them and told this problem. The King Rat gave an order to all of them to cut the rope with their teeth and rescued all the elephant. The King Elephant said thank you for you well-timed help.

Moral- Never under-estimate people by their appearance.


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