Counting the Crows

One fine day Akbar decided to take a small test of the Birbal. Akbar told to the Birbal, we have inventory of everything in our area like rivers, ponds, peoples, trees, gardens, shops, etc. except the Crows so; I give you the responsibility to counting the Crows.

Birbal understood Akbar wants to test him. He told yes my Lord! I will let you know this tomorrow.

Next day in the court Akbar asked to the Birbal! Have you finished counting the Crows?

Birbal told, yes My Lord! There are crows in 2000 in east, 14000 in west, 2500 in north, 420 in south. I accept youre counting but if there is any difference then be ready for punishment.

Yes My Lord, but this is yesterdays count. Today few Crows might have flown out, some Crows might have flown in from some other places, and few might have been born today. So, there will be a chance for difference in the count.

Akbar laughed and said to the Birbal you have proved your intelligence again.


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