Christmas Story

I think my baby is coming soon. I think at least we can stay in barn in Bethlehem. We took permission from the landlady for it.

Yes you can use the barn, no problem at all. The barn was filled with the bad smell of horse manure. It was not feeling good that I am going to give birth to my baby in like this place. I was feeling so cold and fain also. Baby Jesus was born in Bethlehem. At the same time some shepherds came to see us. And they said, we came to see baby Jesus.

We were watching over our flocks all night, and suddenly angels appeared to us and said, Messiah has been born. Find the baby lying in the Manger. After that, big choirs of angel started praising God and said, Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men.

And after this three wise men came to visit us from the east they worshiped baby Jesus.

Three wise men gave three gifts for baby Jesus and it was gold, incense and myrrh as gifts. And they told We saw the star that signified the birth of the King. We are here to worship the King.

Now the barn was filled with a great deal of warmth. So I shed tears of joy, thanking God for sending me the baby. I praised God for working through a small person like me. In the small town of Bethlehem, a beautiful and joyful night we experienced. Jesus came to the world to save the whole world. Now we all celebrating the Birthday of our savior as reading and sharing the Christmas Story.


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