Cain and Abel

Adam and Eve left the garden of Eden and made a home outside. They saw plants and animals dying around them. Sin had brought death seeing all this made them unhappy. How ever they became happy when their first child, a son, was born. They named him Cain and another son named him Abel. Cain was a gardener and Abel a shepherd. Cain did not worship God and tried to make Abel do the same. Abel loved God and this made Cain angry. Cain made trouble for his parents for which he was punished. Because of this he was jealous and hatred about his brother.

One day both of them brought their offering to God. Abel chose a perfect lamb as God wanted, but Cain brought fruits from his garden not caring if they were good. Abel humbly confessed his sins but Cain did not. God accepted Abel’s offering by sending fire from heaven to burn it, he did not accept Cain’s.

Cain got very angry and jealous seeing Abel’s offering being accepted. He went and killed Abel. Quickly he buried Abel and ran away to a far away. Cain was the first murderer. When God asked him where his brother was he replied that he was not his brother’s keeper. Cain went and lived in Nod. He lived a wicked life.

Moral-So what we can learn from the story of Cain and Abel -Jealous leads to hating someone. It makes us destroy other’s things and cause injury to others.


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