Boss is always right

One day Akbar and Birbal was going for an urgent work through some farms. It was the farm of cabbage and Akbar said that, Birbal this cabbage is very delightful vegetable, I love it. And Birbal replied that this is a king of all the vegetables. But Akbar never gave any respond to the Birbal.

Next day they were going from the same farm of the cabbage. This time Akbar gave negative comment, and said, “This cabbage is a very tasteless vegetable and I dont like that taste of it.” Birbal replied, yes Boss, but Akbar never gave any respond to the Birbal.

After some days Akbar said to the Birbal, I am not able to understand you. First time I appreciated the cabbage taste and you said yes. Second time I said bad about cabbage taste and again you said yes. What do you mean by that?

Birbal said bowing, Boss is always right.


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