Baptism of Jesus “Son of God”

Baptism of Jesus “Son of God” – Jesus lived in Nazareth until he grew up to be a man. It was time to leave his work in the carpenter shop. Now he must begin to work for God, his heavenly father.

Jesus cousin, John, was preaching near the Jordon River. He was telling people that soon their savior would come to the world. He told them they should be sorry for their sins and be baptized.

To be baptized, people went into the Jordon River with John. John would put them down under the water and lift them back up. This was to show that they loved God very much. One day, Jesus went to see the Jordon River to see John. They were cousins, but had never seen each other before. When John looked at Jesus, he knew this was God’s Son.

Jesus asked John to baptist him. So John took Jesus into the water and baptized him.

When Jesus came out of the water, he knelt down on the bank and prayed. Then a light came down from heaven. The light looked like a dove. God spoke from heaven. He said, This is my Son whom I love. “The Son of God”, God was happy his son was ready to begin his special work on earth!


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