Anointing of Jesus

On a certain occasion Simon invited Jesus at place for a feast. When Jesus anointed he was not given the welcome kiss, no was given any water to be bathe his not and dusty feet. Instead Simon assigned a vacant seat to Jesus and on the other hand he himself took a seat in a comfortable couch resting his arms on the cushions at the sides.

Now it so happened that there was a woman who was watching Jesus she fearful approached him and fell on his feet her tears fell on Jesus feet, she opened a bottle of ointment and poured on his feet and began to wipe them with her long hair. She kisses the saviours feet. This showed a sign of respect and love she had towards Christ. The wicked Pharisees who were watching this asked how can Jesus allow a sinful lady to touch his feet.

Jesus replied that, He hates sin but loves the sinner, then Jesus compared the treatment given to his as a guest by Simon and the by the sinful woman. Jesus further said that he has come to save the sinners and though the sins of this woman are many yet they are forgiven because of her good deeds and humbleness and therefore she will live in peace here after.


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