A Gift From God

Hello I am Atul and I am from a village called Nandurbar. I had to face lot of challenges in life and was very frustrated with my life. I almost gave and contemplating of committing suicide.

One day, as I was walking aimlessly, I met church volunteer whose name is Vijay. He asked me what I am trying to and I told him everything about myself. I also told him that I decided to end my life as I am tired of facing these challenges in my life. He told me that I have no right to take my life because this life was a gift from God. He told me that I should have faith on God and He will help me overcome all my problems.

He also shared with me the good news with me saying that the Saviour had died for us. I was ashamed of taking such decision. I gave up the idea of committing suicide and completely trusted on God. As days went by, I realized that the problem that I was facing is very simple and my God will relieve me from all these troubles.

I started attending church, gave up all my bad habits and started to live a life that He wants me to live. Now, I am a member of the Church and worship on Sabbath day. I am glad that He touched my life through Brother. I will be always grateful to my saviour for dying for my sins. Because life is aA Gift From God.


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